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To sustain in the long-term, organisations have to plan and to effectively implement plans, they also need to have a business performance review which will help them steer the course of the organisation.

Can you start constructing a building without a plan? Imagine what the outcome would be!
  • Weak foundations and wrongly positioned pillars - May not meet your requirements
  • Too many modifications and course corrections - Wasted resources
  • Defects that one will have to live with forever - May not support expansion
  • Unstable and unsafe - Not able to withstand shocks
Similarly, if a business is being carried on without a business plan, it would be like a rudderless ship on the high seas, not knowing what's next, will float wherever the tide takes it, if all goes well, or else sink.

Hence, it is imperative for all businesses, small or big, to have a comprehensive business plan for a three to five year horizon covering aspects like: Why do we exist? Where do we want to go? Where are we now? How do we get there? & When do we get there?

This is to provide a direction for the business and a framework within which it operates.

The extent to which the plan is documented will depend upon organisation's size and maturity. However, it is the planning process which will make the difference. In brief, the process would include, situation analysis, SWOT analysis, risk evaluation & mitigation, capability gap evaluation, potential review, evolution of strategies and action plans, affixing responsibilities, resource planning, etc..,

While the creation of the plan is important, what is equally important is communicating the plan to the team which is expected to deliver it, securing their buy-in and their alignment with organisational objectives.

Vantage facilitates and enables businesses to evolve and document comprehensive business plans to enable growth & superior performance.
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