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There is often a debate about whether efficiency & effectiveness are one and the same or they are different. While efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things. The importance of each cannot be undermined. Great organisations are both efficient and effective. Furthermore, both the individuals as well as the organisation, [including its functional constituents] need to be efficient & effective.

Organisations invest to earn returns and achieve organisational objectives. In order to ensure that investments yield returns, it is imperative that they are evaluated appropriately from the point of view of returns, capital requirement, financing structure, risks etc.., Investments could be: strategic investments [securing raw material, securing supply chain risks, downstream process operations], capital expenditure [expansion, de-bottlenecking, improving customer service, cost reduction], acquisitions & mergers [inorganic growth, diversification, synergy], disinvestments [business rationalisation, strategy focus].

Vantage facilitates decision support for investments & monitoring expected objectives; end-to-end support on mergers & acquisitions and disinvestments to enable growth & superior performance.
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