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Strong foundations are fundamental for the superstructure built on it to be safe, strong, and capable of being further built upon.

Trees with strong roots live longer and weather many a hard season; buildings with strong foundations can carry a mighty superstructure, withstand many a shock. Similarly organisations with strong foundations can sustain and endure hard times and continue to grow and perform.

Organisational foundations are represented by enduring culture and values backed up by good systems.

As the enterprise grows, it starts to handle many and varied complex situations and with individuals of varied and differing backgrounds. A company can adopt different approaches to achieve its goals. Organisation culture and values are the guiding principles which define the approach. The culture and value of the organisation will guide and define the boundaries within which people of the organisation behave with respect to the conduct of the business.

These could be attitude to customers, tolerance on integrity, transparency, communications, its people responsibility, its' perceptions of its obligations to its various stakeholders and so on...

When organisations are small, the culture & value is easily communicated through interactions, since there is a lot of direct contact with the promoters. However, as organisations grow in size & people, the culture & value system needs to be institutionalised & contextualised to the current needs. In addition, these need to be communicated to the other stakeholders.

Culture & values can be institutionalised by defining the core values and principles, developing policies governing code of conduct, code of ethics, ensuring they are built into all operating policies, corporate governance and communicating in a structured manner.

Vantage facilitates and enables business to define their organisational culture & values, institutionalise it by developing policies and communicating them to enable growth & superior performance.
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