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Founded in March 2008 in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, Vantage is a management and financial consulting firm.

Vantage works across industries, whether manufacturing or service, irrespective of its size. Enabling superior performance through enhancing internal vitality, facilitating growth and managerial training, Vantage has partnered with varied organisations spanning life-care, manufacturing, engineering, construction & services.

Over the years, Vantage has worked with organisations in business blueprinting, business planning, project feasibility evaluation, business set up, budgeting, policy setting, accounting services, efficiency studies, cost management, decision support, organisation and business structuring, manpower structuring, strategy validation, financial restructuring, financing support, business performance management systems, employee performance management systems, costing systems, corporatisation & governance, operating systems, procedures and MIS...

We are associated with renowned experts in forex exchange for specialised forex advisory & technical experts for manufacturing excellence. To offer complete solutions, we also have a network of associates for various services.

Vantage has evolved content for training programmes and workshops for organisations, industry associations and individual skills improvement.

Our clients have been benefiting from our engagements through better business processes, higher efficiencies, lower costs, tighter systems, enhanced organisational alignment and stronger organisations to give them the platform to grow faster and sustain profitability.

Vantage offers a differentiated and focussed approach for organisations irrespective of their size and industry segment and does not believe in "one size fits all" approach for its consulting assignments.

Vantage brings to the table high calibre diagnostics, varied business perspective, experiential business insights and skill. Solutions are designed to be practical and implementable.

The team
Vantage has been founded by Manjula Kannan & TR Shankar who together have over 40 years of combined corporate experience, including over 30 years, with one of India's best run corporate, ITC Limited: and 8 years of combined consulting experience.

During their corporate journey, they have gained deep insights into how businesses are run. Their experience spans all areas of business management including financial management.

Apart from holding senior positions and leading teams, they have been part of business performance management committees for delivering operational performance; multifunctional teams and special task forces for mergers and acquisitions; associated with projects involving employee capability building, organizational structuring, post-acquisition integration, ERP implementation and strategic planning.

They have contributed to investment & project management; cost & efficiency management; instituting systems, policies & processes; business planning, monitoring & review; functional service level enhancement; building teams and people competencies...

In their consulting journey, they leverage their rich and varied corporate experience to create value for organisations by enabling superior performance through enhancing internal vitality, facilitating growth and training.

Manjula Kannan is a Cost Accountant & Management Graduate with over 21 years of professional experience.
TR Shankar is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of professional experience.

Ranjini is an Associate Company Secretary & Master of Business Administration with about 9 years of experience.
Suryanarayanais a BTech (IIT) and MS (USA) with over 20 years consulting experience with companies and educational institutions.
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