Advisory services

Vantage is associated with specialists to bring to its clients, expert advisory services. Presently our association is in:

Vantage represents the Mumbai based M/s. AV Rajwade & Co Pvt. Ltd., the renowned experts in foreign exchange and interest risk management advisory, in Hyderabad. Typical services that would be covered by the advisory are:

Forex policy
Understand the currency & interest rate risk in the business, appreciate the nature of business, its risk appetite and assist in formulating a policy for management of exposures.

Evaluating derivative proposals received by the business and assist in understanding them and evolve various derivative based strategies,

For banks
Asset liability management; pricing, hedging, risk management relating to derivatives; management of investment portfolios & treasury management,

Training programmes on various aspects of derivatives risk management pertaining to foreign exchange & fixed income markets
  • Institutional programmes
  • For banks
  • Open programmes
Assist in valuation of vanilla and structured derivatives products
Vantage facilitates superior performance in organisations by enabling growth and internal vitality.
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