Internal vitality

External and internal factors have an impact on the profitable growth of an organisation. Even if all external factors are favourable, the organisation cannot sustain in the long term, unless internal factors are given its due importance. To draw a parallel, unless the roots are strong, the tree cannot be strong. It just would not be able to remain healthy, weather the storms, grow and & continue to bear fruit. Similarly, Internal Vitality of the organisation is very essential for it to be able to be healthy, to fuel growth & remain profitable.

How do we Enhance Internal Vitality?

Internal Vitality
The foundation
The pre-requisite for performing organisations to sustain value creation is a very strong foundation, built on good systems and processes; enduring organisational culture & values.

The pillars
On these foundations, will rest the pillars "look ahead and steer", "practice efficiency & effectiveness" and "nurture its most vital resource (people)" .

Vantage facilitates superior performance in organisations through enhancing Internal Vitality.
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