Facilitating training

People are the key resources of an organisation. By giving people the right input at the right time, they can grow and develop, and in turn contribute to and grow the organisation.

Organisational performance is dependent upon how its resources align themselves to organisational goals, how they build and work with teams, how they develop their leadership maturity, their functional knowledge, how they can enhance effectiveness & efficiency...

Sometimes in smaller organisations, the business leaders may also need perspective inputs to embellish their leadership maturity.

Vantage has a wide range of training programmes to cater to organisational, individual and functional requirements at different levels of leadership and for different organisation sizes. Programmes are also tailor made to client needs.

Organisational training
One day workshop on parenting an organisation View/Download Pdf
Half-day workshop on organisation brand building View/Download Pdf
One day workshop on total cost management View/Download Pdf
Diagnostics for business health View/Download Pdf
Individual training
Two day workshop on managerial effectiveness
[The Vantage manager]
View/Download Pdf
Functional training
One day workshop on commercial aspects of project management View/Download Pdf
Two-day workshop on finance for non-finance executives View/Download Pdf

Vantage enables superior performance in organisations through training.
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